South East MD Clinical Advisors

International MD Clinical Skills Advisors Our program is tailored specifically for the International Medical Student or Physician. This program is a joint effort between a wide array of Medical Schools, Hospitals, and Training Facilities which are all dedicated and certified by Accrediting Bodies in the U.S.A. We have different programs based on the individual desire of our client, the student or physician. The first step is to clarify the exact intended desire. For example; Is it clinical exposure to a U.S. Hospital and routine practice of medicine? Is it to polish your skills and return to your country? Do you wish to obtain credit for a clinical rotation, or are you looking for a certificate of completion and recommendation? We need to know what the exit objective is for each individual. Whatever the reason for applying to our program, we guarantee a maximum quality exposure to the best facilities and professional expertise in training physicians. Upon leaving our program the aspirant will testify to other potential clients the well rounded and satisfying outcome of the MD Clinical Skills Advisor rotation. The length is optional. We have one month basic exposure programs, and can provide a 48 week rotation which includes accredited rotations in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. Also available is USMLE step 1 and 2 preparation. Upon the successful completion each candidate will receive a certificate of completion and 2 letters of recommendation. Our success is predicated by the attendees future accomplishments, and our track record is well proven. For further information contact: SEMDCSA International Affairs Phone/ fax email