Gynecology & Obstetrics Rotation

The Ob-Gyn curriculum provides exposure to many aspects of primary care. Within in allocated time frame students will see only a portion of the many diseases, disorders, and procedures that obstetricians and gynecologists manage. consequently, students are responsible for independent preparation for standardized Shelf and board examinations. As in every medical rotation, the trainee must become the consummate professional demonstrating respect, compassion, integrity, and altruism in relationships with patients, families, and colleagues. All medical professionals must be empathetic, demonstrating sensitivity and responsiveness to the gender, age, culture, religion, sexual preference, socioeconomic status, beliefs, behaviors, and disabilities of patients and colleagues. Students are required to complete one case based presentation, including an in depth discussion of one or more aspects of the case (e.g. a presenting symptom or sign, a diagnostic category or management issue) that you want to learn more about during your rotation.