Affiliation with Graduate and Post Graduate level

RRL takes pride in their affiliation with Graduate and Post Graduate level affiliations. We are anxious to assist our clinical partners with understanding the physiopathology and mechanics of Laboratory Medicine. Our Clinical companions are welcome to visit our facility, and we will prepare an in-service training sessions to fully understand your own clinical aspirations. We offer a 4 week course to all levels of professionals; from Board Certified Physicians, Ph.D. Candidates, Lab technologists and Clinical Coordinators. The objective is to get a firsthand experience into the esoteric world of clinical laboratory research. Our clerkship is designed to provide the clinical experiences and didactics to familiarize you with the core competencies of obstetrical and gynecologic care. Obstetrics and gynecology is a dynamic specialty that blends elements of surgery, medicine, and primary preventive care into a single practice. The primary goals of the clerkship are to better understand the work of primary care physicians, their interactions with community and other health professionals, common primary care conditions, and strategies for enhancing communication with patients.