305MD is a service-oriented organization where the medical student or Foreign Medical Graduate is our direct Client.
The founder Hugo Romeu, MD, his mother before him and youngest daughter are all FMG’s with a proven successful track record in the USA , Canada and Europe. The leadership team has first-hand experience of the stress, competition and arduous road to obtain the lofty goals of a successful Residency position in an ACGME accredited site.





Our company understands what the aspiring candidate needs to succeed. The first step is guidance and orientation with the primary objective of a clinical externship experience in the hospital and outpatient settings. Every student is different, and we provide an individualized service tailored to fit each candidate.

At 305MD we promise transparency & utilize technology in connecting healthcare students & graduates with academically affiliated physicians for in-person & virtual clinical experience, research & consultations.

Dr. Hugo Romeu is a world-renowned research scientist with a distinguished career in developing medical breakthroughs.  He’s published over 700 research projects and held leadership positions in prestigious institutions across the globe.  In addition, he’s an entrepreneur  with a track record of generating millions of dollars in revenue.  Of course, all this is overshadowed by his love and dedication for his family, spiritual ascension and service to humankind.

His role models are his family members. Dr. Romeu comes from a long line of accomplished scientists and artists. His great grandfather Felipe Poey published numerous books on Zoology and taught at the University of Havana.  During Felipe Poey’s time his works were studied by virtually every Zoologist on earth.

Dr. Romeu’s grandfather Antonio Maria Romeu, was arguably the most celebrated composer and musician of his generation in Cuba. His orchestra travelled throughout Europe, North America and South America in the first half of the 20th century.
Dr. Romeu’s mother owned and operated dental clinics in Havana, Chicago and Miami, while his father was the Comptroller and CFO for Sara Lee Industries.
Dr. Romeu grew up in Evanston Illinois near Northwestern University Campus. He attended Loyola University in Rome, Italy and continued his undergraduate studies on the Lakeshore Chicago Campus.
He pursued medical school and further post graduate training In New York, Milwaukee and Chicago. This led to a forensic stint in the U.S. Military and he has also held forensic pathology positions in different institutions in Chicago and Florida.

Dr. Romeu has been the Chief of Pathology for several hospitals and high-complexity laboratories.

His entrepreneurial spirit manifested in the purchase, revamping and sales of several labs and research centers.  To top it all of, Dr. Romeu has also developed medical devices, dermatology creams and ointments, and laboratory developed tests submitted for FDA approval.

His company RCE GROUP USA, is dedicated to research, clinics, and education. “RCE” stands for both Romeu Clinical Enterprises as well as Research, Clinics, and Education. The company was created when the innate need of independence and freedom to expand into different facets became primordial.  The genesis of RCE was in laboratory consulting and pathology coverage.  RCE expanded into opening of clinics, teaching and graduate education.

3. Each day is unique and a mixture of art, science, and business. Dr. Romeu heads into the wind following the most powerful currents. His staff is there to take his ideas and work ethic to an operational level.

The term 9 to 5 is nonexistent at work.  RCE is a round-the-clock magic carpet ride. Productivity is evidenced by both material and spiritual reaping of dividends. Over the last X years RCE has supported hundreds of families and served hundreds of clients.

Ideas are born from social needs in the community and fueled by the skills acquired along a 42 year career. Not all ideas bear  fruit, but once a strategic plan is laid out, and the feasibility testing is complete, the ship sets sail.  

Dr. Romeu is excited by the opportunity to develop a service or product that is made better with RCE’s contribution. For example , RCE recently developed their own lateral flow technology for Rapid Covid 19 testing, and the product is now available in North America and South America.  

The relentless pursuit of success, whether financial, intellectual, or spiritual; is the driving force that makes Dr. Romeu unique. His ability to get up from a fall and redirect or reinvent his path is what qualifies him to be an outlier in the world of entrepreneurship.

If I had to do it all over again; I would focus more on social welfare over material success. I would strive for a philanthropic approach to science and art.

For a business to succeed, you must offer a product or service that stands out from the competition. You must be hands on and respect and serve your end user. Always find ways to make things right when they go sideways.

My greatest failure happen when I broke simple rules. You must give to Caesar what is his, and obey the rules of engagement. Sometimes a true unbound individual, fails to respect simple rules by justifying a self created norm. I have overcome this by humility and a willingness to admit my wrongdoings and correct it with constructive action.

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

Everyone should read Bhagavad Gita, as it is by Srila Prabhupada. Simply because it covers a practical solution to every every issue known to man.

Chant and Be Happy is my favorite quote.